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What in the world is NXT Blacklist?

What in the world is NXT Blacklist?

We knew that Triple H & team didn’t want to have the NXT TakeOver event which will take place before WrestleMania 35 mixed in with what’s been the brand’s biggest event of the year since 2015, even though it will be held in the same building as the four pre-SummerSlam TakeOver: Brooklyn shows.

But we thought that meant the WWE Network special taking place April 5 at Barclays Center was going to be called TakeOver: New York. It’s what it’s called on the venue’s website. There’s even a cool logo!


But then why, on the NXT ticket’s website, is it called TakeOver: Blacklist? With a different cool logo?


Both are listed at the same date, with the same “doors open” time (6:15pm eastern)… what gives?

Further muddying the waters, here’s how they appear on the WWE events page:


The bottom one having the same name and logo as last August’s show makes me think Blacklist will be the name of this April’s TakeOver. But if you follow the ticket links in each, the “Brooklyn” entry takes you to a Ticketmaster page which has the slick New York logo again, and a normal looking seating chart, pricing, etc.

The entry for “Blacklist” takes you to the NXT ticketing site, and only offers $750 tickets with no seating information, despite listing Barclays as the venue for this mysterious event.

WWE was slow to roll out information about WrestleMania Axxess this year as they figured out the logistics of holding things all over the New York City greater metropolitan area. Maybe this is some kind of special event associated with TakeOver: New York or NXT that will happen in conjunction with Axxess? But why the same date, time and venue information?

I’m not brave enough to reserve a $750 seat at Blacklist to see if that reveals more info. Let me know if anyone is, or Venmo me the funds and I’ll do it. I swear! If you can’t trust a random dude on the internet, who can you trust?

In all seriousness, though… NXT Blacklist? With apologies to Shane “Hurricane” Helms, “Wassup wit dat?”

UPDATE: Word is this if a fancy name for the VIP Experience package, which explains the identical date/time listing and the price. Cool idea, even if I am a little disappointed I won’t be able to write TAKEOVER: BLACKLIST a million times over the next couple months.

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