Ronda Rousey gets biblical on those ‘ungrateful b****es’ The Bellas

Ronda Rousey gets biblical on those ‘ungrateful b****es’ The Bellas

While I stand by my call for SmackDown’s Women’s title program to main event WWE’s first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view (PPV) event on Oct. 28, it’s not like closing the show in Long Island with Raw’s Women’s championship is a bad move, either.

And props to Ronda Rousey for following up the hot set-up from Raw on Oct. 8 with some quality trash-talk of her own. Chilling, even, in the case of the Divine Comedy-referencing promise Rowdy posted on Instagram in response to new #1 contender Nikki Bella turning on her on Monday night:

She followed that up while talking to TMZ Sports by “turning lemons into lemonade” and showing off her promotional acumen by promoting both Evolution and her recently launched website, RondaRousey.com. Rousey also relies on one of her old standbys – and a WWE fave, too – when she busts out the “b****” word to describe the twins:

“Nikki Bella, Brie Bella – they’re a bunch of untrustworthy b****es, but – we’ve got the first all-women’s PPV coming up for WWE, me and Nikki are gonna be headlining and so, you know what? If she wants to be my antagonist, that’s fine. All I really care about is the success of the PPV…

The most respectful thing for me to do is go out and beat her right away, right? So I’m not gonna be respectful. This was much more personal, I think. This was a planned attack and I think I feel more embarrassed they were able to fool me in the first place.”

There you have it. Wait… did she say “headlining”? Oh well. Always knew it was a pipe dream, anyway.

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