Meet the latest stars WWE moved to 205 Live from another brand (spoilers)

205 Live moves to Wednesdays

To this point in the history of WWE’s latest attempt at a cruiserweight division, most of the brand movement has been from NXT to 205 Live. Sure, there was that one guy who came over from Raw and ran the show for a while (how you doin?), but other than that it’s been the Hideo Itamis and Buddy Murphys of the world coming to the purple from the black-and-yellow.

At the taping in Indianapolis last night (Oct. 10) however, a duo from another main roster brand showed up on 205 Live. Now, I’ll be honest – I had to look up what show Maria & Mike Kanellis were on the roster of to write this up. Over the past year, they’ve dealt with injury and recovery, brought their daughter into the world and appeared on Main Event, but it’s been a long time since they were on our screens on Monday or Tuesday.

Turns out they became Raw Superstars during the last Superstar Shake-up. So maybe they’re going to start appearing on Wednesdays as part of a compensation package for the red brand using DRAKE MAVERICK and Lio Rush’s managerial skills? Either way, it looks like they’re 205 Live regulars now, after appearing during a Lio Rush vs. Lince Dorado match and triggering a disqualification when Mike attacked the Lucha House Party member.

Wikipedia lists Mike at 215 pounds, so this might mean the return of those weigh-in segments the show liked to do when Murphy was first called up.

More interestingly… does this signal an alliance between Maria & her man and the Rush/Bobby Lashley team? Or the other dude who’s been beefing with Dorado’s crew of late, TJP?

Either way, Maria could give 205 Live a boost of charisma it hasn’t had since the days of Alicia Faaaaawwwwkkkkkks, so I’m down.


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