If you think Titus is impressive, wait until you meet his mother

If you think Titus is impressive, wait until you meet his mother

Whether or not you’re a fan of Titus O’Neil, the character, it’s tough to not like and admire Thaddeus Bullard, the man who plays the character.

As long-time Cageside Seats community members (or WWE fans who’ve checked out Bullard’s outside endeavors like his charity work or his TED Talk) may know, Titus’ life story is pretty amazing. The product of sexual assault, born to an 11 year old who was forced to move out of her home due to her decision to keep her son, a troubled childhood turned around by a stint at a “boys ranch” program and sports, a football scholarship which made him a part of a national championship team, a college degree, an unexpected trip to WWE developmental and the career & philanthropic work which followed – it’s quite the tale.

The latest edition of the digital series “My Son is a WWE Superstar” gives us another version of it, including from the perspective of his mother, Daria Bullard. They discuss the tension between them when he was younger, and like most parent/child relationships, it still doesn’t sound perfect. But that Daria was able to make choices which lead to Thaddeus becoming the man he is today starting from when she was a pre-teen herself is nothing short of remarkable.

And a reason why she’s as if not more impressive than her award-winning, difference-making son.

Check out Titus and Daria’s episode of “My Son is a WWE Superstar” above.

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