Heartbreaking injury at the Mae Young Classic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

WWE chose a much better way to release the second Mae Young Classic

WWE held its second night of tapings (full spoilers here) for this year’s Mae Young Classic at Full Sail last night (Aug. 9, 2018), with matches taped all the way through to the tournament final. Tegan Nox, who had defeated Zatara Cabrona on the first night of tapings (full spoilers here) in a first round match, advanced to the quarterfinals after defeating Nicole Matthews in the second round.

Unfortunately, she was injured in that match.

During said match, against Rhea Ripley, Nox attempted a dive outside the ring and hurt her leg. Reports from the arena indicate she attempted to continue but she was unable to do so, and Ripley advanced to the next round.

Later, Triple H appeared to say that Nox had suffered what was believed to be a broken leg. WWE has since reported on the injury on its website, saying she hurt her left leg and was transported to a hospital for an examination.

What makes this so heartbreaking, beyond the fact that it happened at all, is that she was also forced out of last year’s Mae Young Classic due to a knee injury. In that case, she never even got the chance to wrestle at all. Here, she made it to the quarterfinals and, for all we know, could have been planned to make a deeper run. Instead, she’ll have to take time away to rehabilitate her injury, whatever it turns out to be.

It’s a real shame, and we can only hope the injury isn’t as bad as feared and she makes a full recovery.

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