DX is the latest example of how poorly The Attitude Era aged

DX is the latest example of how poorly The Attitude Era aged

The Attitude Era was obviously an important — and wildly successful — part of wrestling history.

And, having been a teenager at the time, I certainly found more than a little entertainment in the WWF product at the time.

But so, so much of that era has aged poorly. Speaking personally, it has probably aged worse for me than any other era in wrestling. And DX is very much at the heart of that.

Steve Austin’s work still holds up, as does The Rock — though some of his mic shtick doesn’t jive with 2018 sensibilities — and Mick Foley’s work is still transformative in terms of what can and can’t work at the highest levels of wrestling.

But DX’s brand of “dick jokes” is eye-roll inducing at best and trash at worst.

It’s a big reason I wish Shawn Michaels and Triple H were just … Shawn Michaels and Triple H going into the Saudi show instead of crotch chopping and getting that “mid-life crisis dads go wild in Vegas” vibe.

That they don’t fit the anti-authority mode, the act feels even more flat — something Geno wrote about yesterday.

The story of men pushed too far through being attacked and disrespected usually doesn’t end in some sort of regression to the period of your life where you were stuffing your underwear to make it look like you were packing more heat. Shawn Michaels has been pulled from a retirement that seemed it would stick and he wants these jerks to suck it!

I suppose being DX will move more merch than embracing your destiny as the Dads of Anarchy, and god knows being rebels means doing what’s best for the company.

Halfway to the weekend!

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