DRAKE MAVERICK is sending mixed signals

DRAKE MAVERICK is sending mixed signals

If you watch Raw, you’ve seen AOP’s manager DRAKE MAVERICK directing the former NXT tag team champs to stop patiently waiting their turn and seize opportunities to climb the ladder. Akam and Rezar have attacked The B-Team and Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, in less than honorable, rule-abiding.

Hell, here he is laying the strategy out for us:

Which is pretty funny, because last night (Oct. 10) on 205 Live, Mike and Maria Kanellis did just that. Rather than waiting for the purple brand’s General Manager to introduce them and book Mike’s first bout as a cruiserweight, they took the initiative to crash Lio Rush and Lince Dorado’s match. Mr. Kanellis attacked Dorado and left him laying, and the GM is not happy about it.

Who is 205 Live’s General Manager? Some dude named DRAKE MAVERICK…

Love ya, DM. But is it really any wonder Maria can’t take you seriously?

I bet she wouldn’t try squeezing his cheek if he was wearing a flak jacket (and had a large Canadian and a larger Albanian behind him) though.

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