Bully Ray’s theory on why AJ Styles’ WWE title matches never main event

Bully Ray’s theory on why AJ Styles’ WWE title matches never main event

As our match order and times guru Cain A. Knight has written about and Superstars like The Miz have commented on, the latest brand split era hasn’t exactly shined a spotlight on the WWE championship. As epic looking as AJ Styles current reign is on paper, it hasn’t been able to change this fact…

The WWE title doesn’t main event pay-per-view (PPV) events any more.

That happened again last weekend, as the blowoff of Styles feud with Samoa Joe was right in the middle of Super Show-Down, the fifth of ten matches from Melbourne on Oct. 6. As The Hurricane would say, “What’s up with that?”

Bully Ray has a theory, and he broke it down for Dave LaGreca on Sirius’ Busted Open Radio yesterday (Oct. 10):

“The only answer that I can give you, that I know as close to 100% as possible is this – when they know there’s a match that will steal the show, but they don’t want that match to overshadow any other match, they put it in the middle of the show. I can tell you that from personal experience. I went through this battle years and years ago. Me and D-Von, Edge, Christian, Matt and Jeff. We went through this battle. We were always in the middle of the show.”

The Dudley Boy wants to be clear that it’s not an indictment of Styles’ star power, or what WWE management thinks of him as a main event-level player… even outside the main event:

“Listen, he’s a big enough star to put on the cover of the video game… They could have put anybody! How come they didn’t put Charlotte? Has a girl ever been on the cover of a video game? So why not Charlotte? This would have been the best year to put Charlotte on the cover, but they didn’t put Charlotte on the cover. They put AJ.

So that tells me they do have faith in AJ. But with the matches, you know his matches are gonna blow everything else away. So what match that was on the Super Show[-Down] that went on after AJ’s match was better than AJ’s match? So you don’t want to put it anywhere near the main event, right? You put it near the main event and all it does is blow the main event out of the water. We’re not quite sure what happened with the Daniel Bryan match, and if they knew they were going short, they decided to put that match right before the main event so the main event had a bigger opportunity to succeed.

AJ is put in the middle because his matches are gonna steal the show and we don’t want his show-stealing matches to outshine things which we have as our perceived main events.”

It’s an interesting theory, even if all the details don’t necessarily hold up when using Australia as an example – an argument could be made for both Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander’s Cruiserweight title bout and The Shield vs. Dogs of War six-man tag as equal to Styles/Joe is “show-stealing” quality. But even if you loved Undertaker vs. Triple H, it’s easy to see the logic in distancing it a bit from all three of those matches. And Taker/Haitch was the no-brainer main event given how Super Show-Down was promoted.

What do you make of the idea, Cagesiders? Is this why Styles never goes on last?

Listen to Bully Ray’s comments here.

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